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July 13, 2020

MedWiz Receives NY DOH Equivalency Status

NEW YORK, March 3, 2010 - MedWiz Technologies was recently granted equivalency status by the New York State Department of Health, allowing the MedWiz System to be used in place of paper MAR records. After an extensive review of the MedWiz System the New York State Department of Health has determined that the MedWiz System meets the regulatory requirements for licensed NYS facilities.

“NYS approval of our system as an equivalency is a significant development for us,” said Eric Newhouse, MedWiz CEO.

“The state Department of Health had examined our solution with a fine-tooth-comb and has given us their stamp of approval – we are very proud of that.”

This means that getting started with the MedWiz System is now even easier in New York state. Organizations wishing to use eMAR systems that do not have equivalency status with the NY State Dept. of Health must apply for individual approvals with the state which include a review process prior to installation.

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